The Human-Centered Interfaces Research Group logo in a collage showing a learning group, a handheld device, a remote control for Interactive Digital Television and a Braille reader

HCI Seminar

(Master's Degree Program Multimedia Management - 2nd quarter)

This is an optional course.


This seminar is offered to students interested in Human-Computer Interaction. If the course on Computer Graphics has made you interested in learning more about how to make a good user interface, then in this seminar, it will be possible to review research literature in this field. Every participant will receive up to three articles and prepare a presentation for one of the scheduled sessions at the end of the first quarter. Topics to be discussed will be (among others):

  • Hypertext
  • Avatars and Sign Language  
  • Usability Testing
  • RFID Applications
  • Localisation for Ubiquitos Computing
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Digital Story Telling 
  • Automated Usability Testing 
  • Multimodal User Interfaces 
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