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Here, we are presenting some of the projects completed by students as part of our courses. For more extensive information about ongoing work in the area of accessibility consult for example

CBT - Accessibility in Web Forms

(Team Project- Multimedia Management Kiel, 2006) 


Web accessibility is about enabling equal access to online content and services for all people, including those with visual and mobility impairment regardless of what browsing technology used. It is becoming a must to make the web site not only usable but also accessible to address all the people in the net world.

Websites must be carefully designed to make it easier for all to find information on making the web accessible to people with disabilities. There are many issued related to web accessibility. Our project aims crating accessible form, i.e. the usability and accessibility of forms.

Here you can see the live version of this project.  

E-Learning on Accessibility

(Team Project - Multimedia Management Kiel, 2005)

Screenshot Team Project Accessibility 

The use of the Web is spreading rapidly into all areas of society. Therefore access to this medium is important in today's life and will be critical in future life. Web accessibility means access to the Web by everyone, regardless of disability. 

The aim of this project was to provide a comprehensive overview of web accessibility and knowledge about the development of accessible web content. 

You can see the live version of this projetct here

Business-processes in SVG

(Computer Graphics project by Annette Rosendahl)

Screenshot SVG Project 

The goal of this project was to produce a scalable vector graphic (SVG) rendering Gantt-Diagrams. To get business processes as an output in SVG-format, several steps were necessary. First of all the project should offer a solution which is comfortable and easy to handle by the user. For that reason a Java-application was provided which takes typed in information as an input and produces an XML-file as an output. This XML-file is then the basis for producing the 2D-graphics in SVG-format using XSL for the transformation. That file just has to be double-clicked by the user, and the diagram is shown in the browser.

Life of a Prof – A MMC game

(Computer Graphics project by Melanie Piorek and Ann-Kristin Werner)

Screenshot Flash Game 

The task was to develop a computer game about the Multimedia-Campus Kiel. The game’s purpose is to annoy the main actors, two Professors of the Campus. Various items have to be used strategically. The location where everything takes place is the main lecture room. The game is developed in Macromedia Flash.

3D scene for stereoscopic display

(Computer Graphics Project by Kristo Kampus)

Screenshot Stereoscopic Spaceship 

The idea behind the project was to model a spacecraft using 3D-Studio Max modelling software. A small animation for a stereoscopic display was generated to offer the viewer a real impression of a 3-dimensional experience.

XQuiz—An XForms Web Application

(Computer Graphics project by Stefan Gerwien and Matthias Häsel)

Screenshot XQuiz 

The project shows, how XForms can be applied for developing a simple quiz game Web application. A quiz consists of multiple questions. The application supports various question types, such as multiple choice, true/false or fill-in-the-blank. Since questions are associated with points, a score can be calculated after a player has finished a quiz. The application stores the highest score for each quiz and player, so that a result is comparable to previous achieved ones. The quiz game application—referred to as XQuiz from now on—consists of two independent, XForms-based user interfaces, namely

  • the Authoring Application, which allows the authoring of questions and quizzies, and
  • the Gaming Application, which enables the player to play a single quiz-game.

iTV for Betting Services

(Master Thesis of Alexandra Dahm)

Screenshot iTV Betting Service 

Online gambling is one of the most profitable market segments in e-Commerce. The JAXX GmbH has established horse race betting over television. For the future it is planned to add a new betting experience implemented as an interactive television (iTV) application. The task was to develop an iTV application for JAXX horses in order to demonstrate the potential of iTV. A sample scenario for gambling using the MHP platform has been developed 

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